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 @  2014-2022  Naoko Sekine  

art works, activities, exhibitions of Naoko Sekine. 関根直子のアート作品、展覧会、活動について。ドローイング、抽象絵画、抽象表現、クオリティの高い作品 

japanese artist, fine artist, art now, amazing japanese art work and artist, Drawing by pencils on paper.  color and monotone art pieces, high quality art piece, landscape art space art
inspired by nature science and ancient creations.  abstract art, modern art,auction, contemporary art museum, collecting art piece, featured artist,TELEPHONE game

scenery and landscape art, N.Sekine, art fair, exhibition in Paris

artiste japonaise, dessin de craiyon, art abstrait, art modern, expression des lignes et des images, attention artist, artiste, musee d'art contemporain. crayon sur papier, picture de paysage, science et art, expression japonaise 

kunst japanisch, ausdruck japanisch, zeichnung bleistift, landschaftsmalerei, beachtung kunstler, artista attenzione

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